The Forest And The Storm

I’ve been to the fairy tale forest when the stories were being written. Have you?

This place of unnamed legend silently requests your presence. Wraps you in frosted spectacle.

Minotaur inside the Labyrinth

In the forest, letters form differently when a storm arrives.

Greek? Sinhala? Urdu? Tibetan? Elvish?
~Forest syllabary~

Fields of snow speak image & emote phrase.

Quiet emptiness. Soft crystal depth. Dulled elegance.

A sentinel stands watch.

An old friend rises to greet.

Points a circular way.

Wind flows along.

Geometry slices the adventure into shapes.

Earth rests her weary bones.

In the corner number 7 draws the sky…

…and leads you through to fields.

Open arms invite you in.

Lonely trees unravel tales of existence inside the lines.

Some of our stories shall remain buried and vaulted.


Walk among the fallen.

Talk with.


Observe and wonder.


Do not be afraid. Befriend the Dragons.

mušḫuššu (𒈲𒄭𒄊

Free your mind and body.

Cry tears inside the cold exquisite and…

…stain the glass of winter.

Follow the way. Journey to alternate times.

Disappear into dusk.

Never to be seen again.

One thought on “The Forest And The Storm

  1. Wonderful ♥ You have such the eye for capturing these magical scenes and beings! Thank you for sharing your sights with us.


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