My GreenPrint Day – breakfast/dinner

Best thing I know how to do, as I attempt to make these posts meaningful, is to convey the experience of eating plant based food. We have to enjoy the food we eat, right?

Here’s my breakfast from this morning:

Banana-nut quinoa bowl. Ingredients = quinoa, blueberries, walnuts, banana slices and almond butter drizzled over the top (Pg. 236 – The Greenprint by Marcos Borges)

The almond butter is freshly opened and stirred. Almost looks like a bowl of ice cream, eh? It tasted just as good.

Tonight’s dinner = Rainbow Quinoa Bowl. Ingredients = kale leaves, shredded carrots, canned chickpeas, canned sweet corn. Missing from my bowl is avocado & cherry tomatoes, which I plain ran out of. The dressing is made of tahini, lemon juice, garlic powder, and sea salt.

As long as dishes like this taste great, and this does, and provides enough protein amidst the healthy onslaught of vegetables, Im satisfied eating like this. I don’t miss chicken, beef and pork. (I’m guessing it’s cheaper, too)

I’m feeling superb and leaving, bit by bit, a smaller imprint on our world.

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