A horse named Horse

I grew up in a house full of love and as the youngest child I was a bratty, snotty nosed, ball of energy and a challenge to my family. Sweet memories of my childhood are plentiful.

My Dad and Mother both passed away many years ago.

One of the artifacts I still have from those days is Horse. Horse was purchased for me by my parents when I was possibly three or four years old. The sensation of riding Horse hard and long are alive in my nervous system. I can feel my body moving and hear the springs squeak and creak in rhythm as Horse and I galloped.

I have many saved items from that segment of my life but none resonate with the power of Horse. He’s a connection to all the wonder I experienced back then. All the care I received.

Horse is a powerful reminder of how blessed I was then. I thought we were rich. I was incorrect about that because we weren’t. But I had clean clothes, food, a warm bed, toys, hugs, books, direction and love.

I’ve decided to bring Horse back to life. He hung in the air in the garage where I used to live for 10 years and was never touched or moved. My own kids didn’t ride Horse. They don’t really understand how special their Father’s family was.

I’ve decided to make art out of Horse’s presence in my life by taking him out and taking photographs in places and situations where an old time rocking horse normally wouldn’t be found. In doing so I hope to remind myself to be grateful for the life I was born into as well as be thankful for my Mother and Father who gave me everything I needed.

I hope you enjoy all the crazy and interesting places I find appropriate somehow to photograph Horse in.

Thanks for viewing.

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