I’m taking ~The Greenprint~ challenge.

I happened to watch Marco Borges talk about The Greenprint, a plant based diet, on the Today Show one morning while on an off day from work. https://youtu.be/X-ImJiohQs8

I was fascinated by how simple a plan it seemed to become healthier than I am already am. (Watch the video linked above and hear what I heard)

I’m buying into this to see how it goes. I am very much concerned about the world I live in and trying to do my part to leave it in the best possible shape for my own kids and young people throughout the world.

I feel I can do many small things to help and if not eating meat makes a difference then it’s one more small effort I’ve made.

I’ve got the book and will be sharing my experiences and maybe you, too, might feel like this is something you’d like to try.

I’ll make the recipes and read about the concepts as I go along and describe for you what I’ve experienced.

Until the next time, happy plant based diet eating! : )


My GreenPrint Day – breakfast/dinner

Best thing I know how to do, as I attempt to make these posts meaningful, is to convey the experience of eating plant based food. We have to enjoy the food we eat, right?

Here’s my breakfast from this morning:

Banana-nut quinoa bowl. Ingredients = quinoa, blueberries, walnuts, banana slices and almond butter drizzled over the top (Pg. 236 – The Greenprint by Marcos Borges)

The almond butter is freshly opened and stirred. Almost looks like a bowl of ice cream, eh? It tasted just as good.

Tonight’s dinner = Rainbow Quinoa Bowl. Ingredients = kale leaves, shredded carrots, canned chickpeas, canned sweet corn. Missing from my bowl is avocado & cherry tomatoes, which I plain ran out of. The dressing is made of tahini, lemon juice, garlic powder, and sea salt.

As long as dishes like this taste great, and this does, and provides enough protein amidst the healthy onslaught of vegetables, Im satisfied eating like this. I don’t miss chicken, beef and pork. (I’m guessing it’s cheaper, too)

I’m feeling superb and leaving, bit by bit, a smaller imprint on our world.

The Forest And The Storm

I’ve been to the fairy tale forest when the stories were being written. Have you?

This place of unnamed legend silently requests your presence. Wraps you in frosted spectacle.

Minotaur inside the Labyrinth

In the forest, letters form differently when a storm arrives.

Greek? Sinhala? Urdu? Tibetan? Elvish?
~Forest syllabary~

Fields of snow speak image & emote phrase.

Quiet emptiness. Soft crystal depth. Dulled elegance.

A sentinel stands watch.

An old friend rises to greet.

Points a circular way.

Wind flows along.

Geometry slices the adventure into shapes.

Earth rests her weary bones.

In the corner number 7 draws the sky…

…and leads you through to fields.

Open arms invite you in.

Lonely trees unravel tales of existence inside the lines.

Some of our stories shall remain buried and vaulted.


Walk among the fallen.

Talk with.


Observe and wonder.


Do not be afraid. Befriend the Dragons.

mušḫuššu (𒈲𒄭𒄊

Free your mind and body.

Cry tears inside the cold exquisite and…

…stain the glass of winter.

Follow the way. Journey to alternate times.

Disappear into dusk.

Never to be seen again.


a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance
sometimes hidden in plain sight
Mother Earth reclaims and restores
through colors of amazement 
takes energy from 
what once existed in one form
to reconfigure 
throw shadows
and reemerge later as part of the unknown

Images in a metal mirror at the Ohio State Reformatory make me question.

As I pulled off Ohio highway 30 onto route 545, and into the grounds of the ancient Ohio State Reformatory, built from the mid 1800s through 1910, located in Mansfield, Ohio, I could already feel the weight of being inside the thick, imposing walls that houses the world’s largest free standing steel cell block.
I thought of what it must have felt like to see this place as a person in the past who was traveling there to serve time. If it were me I think I would have said something like “Oh shit!” upon sight because those are the exact words I muttered when the structure popped into my view.
Having grown up in Ohio an hour away I’ve heard the stories about this place for a long time. I’d never visited before and decided to finally go and see it for myself.
I parked my car, bravely popped out and kept saying “Oh shit” and “Holy fuck” repeatedly as I advanced toward the entrance. Inside I paid my money and walked into what felt exactly like one of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episodes.
People who believe in specters and spirits, or at least want to consider the idea as possible, think it’s haunted by some of those who were incarcerated, employed, and died there.
Of the 154,000 inmates the structure housed, 215 of them died on the grounds at some point during the 94 years the prison operated.
I admit that one of the reasons I wanted to visit the prison was to feel part of a place that many feel ghosts inhabit. I’m a non-believer, though, however much I’m intrigued by the possibilities of existence in supernatural form once a human body dies.
I do adore old things. If that old thing is falling apart, most of the time I like it even better.
This place feels even older than it is. The steel the cells are constructed out of is rusting, and the leftover white and blue paint on its walls curls up in eye catching designs. The light is poor and the air doesn’t move. In complete silence the space was even more noticeably eerie.
To get to the cells I traveled the marked tour route through the administration building, and the drab, sad chapel before arriving.
All told I spent close to three hours inside the 6th tier of one wing of cells. I forget which wing but think it the east.
I took close to 500 photos. Inside one it smelled like someone had just smoked a stogy.
Each cell had a bunk bed with wire springs on the wall opposite its entrance, a toilet in one corner, a sink, a towel rack, and two shelves.
Also, in each cell, a shiny metal rectangle, approximately 9 x 7 inches, was fastened to the back wall and obviously served as a mirror.
If the light was right reflections were trapped within and I took many photos of those.
I took a photo of a specific mirror through the bars at the front because its brilliant light in the darkness stood out.
When I looked at that image later I was amazed to see a collection of various animal and human faces staring out of it from different spots on the surface.
In the top center of the rectangle I see the dominant figure of a young, blond girl, her hair parted down the middle, whose perfectly formed left eye began asking me questions as soon as I noticed her.
As suggested to me the images may be the results of the metal being weathered over the years.
However, my eyes pick out crisp shapes, even if they are simulacrum in nature.
Why is the image of a little girl present, or does the likeness in the middle even look like one?
Whatever else I think, I feel certain the eye to the right is the distinct shape of a human’s. That eye has caused me to try to open my own.
Ideas? Comments?
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